HABITAR NO ALENTEJO is a seminar organized by the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of the Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa. 

Ventura Trindade Arquitectos will give a lecture on the 2nd of May, at 11am, in Auditorio 4 of the faculty. The topic will be on several residential works and projects built in the region of Alentejo, Portugal. 

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Ventura Trindade Arquitectos will participate in MOVIMENT.A 22, a week of architecture, art and design lectures organized by the student core (NAUBI) of the Universidade da Beira Interior, in Covilhã. 

The conference will be held at the University (Auditório de Sessões Solenes da Universidade da Beira Interior) on friday April 8th, around 3:30 pm.

Come join us! 

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Interview with Arq. João Ventura Trindade in the podcast " País dos Arquitectos" regarding the Estação Biológica do Garducho with Sara Nunes from Building Pictures. 

During the interview they discuss the ecological importance and aftermath of the intervention in a Special Protection Area in Mourão, near the border with Spain, and talk about the collaborative process with the artist Fernanda Fragateiro and the client CEAI (Centro de Estudos da Avifauna Ibérica). Recently, the project is being converted into a house. 

You can listen here and here.

You can also read the article here.


Ventura Trindade studio 2nd phase completed

The new addition of our studio in Lisbon was completed in early December.

The two parts of the studio, both renovations of former warehouses in the center of Lisbon designed by Arch. Norte Júnior, now allow a total area of approx. 700 m2.
The patio between the two parties will now receive the planting of a tropical garden with species brought to Lisbon at the time of the Portuguese discoveries of the 17th century, and which have since become indigenous.