Ventura Trindade studio 2nd phase completed

The new addition of our studio in Lisbon was completed in early December.

The two parts of the studio, both renovations of former warehouses in the center of Lisbon designed by Arch. Norte Júnior, now allow a total area of approx. 700 m2.
The patio between the two parties will now receive the planting of a tropical garden with species brought to Lisbon at the time of the Portuguese discoveries of the 17th century, and which have since become indigenous.

Moura Municipal Museum - 2nd stage

New commission to complete the Municipal Museum of Moura.

Moura City Council invited Ventura Trindade architects to develop a new project with the aim of completing the first phase of the work already built between 2012 and 2014.
More details soon.

Riga Circus International Competition - Finalist/ 2nd stage

The team formed by VENTURA TRINDADE arquitectos and SITE SPECIFIC arquitectura, in partnership with the latvian studio BRIGITA BULA architects, was selected as one of the 4 finalist teams for the second phase of the competition to convert the former circus building in a new cultural complex in the Unesco historic center of Riga, Latvia.

VENTURA TRINDADE arquitectos won another competition in Latvia in 2013 for the refurbishment of a soviet times Hotel in Jurmala, on the Baltic Sea coast, in an investment of approx. EUR 20 million.
For the development of this project the studio invited BRIGITA BULA architects as a local support team, and both studios had been work together in several projects since there.

SITE SPECIFIC arquitectura is constituted by Patrícia Marques and Paulo Costa, and integrates the consortium that gathers VENTURA TRINDADE architects, SITE SPECIFIC architecture, PLCO architect and PRPC engineers.
In 2016 the consortium was awarded the 2nd place in the competition for the new Library and Museum in Torres Vedras.

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Pra├ža de Espanha (Lisbon) International Competition - Finalist

VENTURA TRINDADE arquitectos was choosen as one of the nine finalists for the 2nd phase of the International Public Tender for the elaboration of the Project of the Urban Park of Praça de Espanha, promoted by the Lisbon City Council.

The project comprises the remodeling of an area of approximately 105.000 m2 in the center of Lisbon, between Av. António Agusto de Aguiar, Av. Calouste Gulbenkian, Av. Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro and Av. Dos Combatentes. 
The estimated cost for the construction works is approx. 3.8 Million Euros. Second stage is planned to be concluded in October' 2018.

The project was developed jointly with BALDIOS landscape architects.

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